It's already been a year!

Well, after doing some research, I realize this old blog has been open for business for over a year now! Wow, just where did the time go? And what in the world have I been blogging about? Someimes I just sit in front of the computer and all this stuff comes out of this brain of mine. I always agonize if I just put too much of myself out there. What must you think of me? Michael is always scolding me for going too far and putting too much of our dirt in the universe.

Interestingly enough, Michael was the one who pushed me to start a blog. I guess I have a way with words (*wink wink*), and he thought it would be an entertaining thing for me to blog. I've been writing since I was a little girl, just for my own amusement. It was a creative outlet for me, something different from painting and drawing. I used to have a diary in elementary school, which I tried in vain to hide from my mother. I even attempted my own novel in middle school. I think the only person who ever read it was my cousin Diana. And she enjoyed it, so I guess it was successful. In high school, it morphed to a journal, where I chronicled all the milestones in life (i.e. who I let get their feel on, what concert I went to, which party I got drunk at, my sadness at unrequited love, etc.). Then when I got pregnant with my first child, Noah, I decided to start a journal for him about how I was feeling, my fears and joys at becoming a mother, the cute and funny things he used to do. And I just kept on writing through the birth of my six children and ten years of marriage until I filled up three journal books. I will occasionally read through them and it is so beautiful to read about the first few years of being a little family. I hope to give them to my children when I am old and they become parents themselves. I will admit, I don't write in the journals as much anymore. In fact, I've only written in it twice this entire year, and when I do I am just catching up on big events, birthdays, and explaining my absence!

Alot of people have commented that I should look into freelance writing and it really throws me for a second. You see, when you have looked at yourself as one thing your entire life (since third grade!), it's really hard to see yourself as anything else. Painting and drawing came easily to me, and its all I've ever been good at. So to take the artist hat off and put on a writer hat, it feels really odd. Since I am not a super motivated or ambitious person, I don't know how a writing gig would come my way, unless it came and plopped in my lap. To be ruthlessly honest, I'm too much of a lazy ass to seek out freelance work. So for now, I am happy blogging about stinky diapers, ghetto life, music, my faith in God and being a mom.

So I missed the anniversary of this while blog thing. Had I realized it, I would have had a pinata, papel picado, some carne asada, beans and rice--you know how I do. But anyhow, who exactly is out there reading this blog? I know I'm not on the same Blog Ho status like Ragamuffin Soul and his Over 250,000 Served, but still...show a sister some love and let me know who is out there so I can fortify myself to keep this blog going.


  1. Hey! Congrats on blogging a year. But not only that doing it WELL!

    I love to read whatever you have to write. So, write on!

  2. keep blogging, chica! good stuff.

  3. Pearmama, I read your blog regularly. In fact, I have a link to your blog on my own blog. Congratulations on your one-year anniversary. It is a wonderful milestone.

    I must also add to the chorus of voices. I think you are an excellent writer and should seek additional opportunities to write, either freelance or novel, etc.

    One suggestion: you may wish to take some of your blog entries and string them together in a collection of "short stories". You are a gifted story teller. One of my favorites is when you were "shat" upon by the pigeon in the park. I was laughing out loud at my desk.

    As I was told recently and now I tell you, "...continue the posts Sr. Taco……..it keeps us cubicle slaves alive."

  4. Raquel12:34 PM

    I'ma gunna whore you out...writer status that is....Ha!

  5. I am here. I told Justin about you. Maybe you can write for the sandals blog.

  6. Hey, Congrats on your 1year Diana got be to start reading them and they are funny, I especially liked you PMS story too funny! Keep blogging...Your cuz Liz

  7. Anonymous12:07 PM

    This is exactly why I dont have a matching pair of sox... blogs


  9. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I knew from your very 1st "book" that you wrote in middle school, you were a natural. Thanks for all the laughs...your cuz diana

  10. mrs. bear2:12 PM

    MEEEEE!!! I love reading your blog!


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