Me gusta bailar

I think I was a Soul Train dancer in my former life. Cuz I love me some dance shows. I never missed So You Think You Can Dance. And I've been a fan of America's Best Dance Crew since the season started. Curiously enough, I can't stand Dancing with the Stars. I've only caught a few episodes and they are so incredibly boring. I guess it's because I have absolutely no desire to see a bunch of old has-beens trying to dance. I want to see young people who actually can dance. It inspires me to see people doing what they love.

From day one, I've been a fan of JabbaWockeez. I knew they would make it to the finals. I just didn't think they would be competing against a crew other than Kaba Modern. I thought for sure this would be an all-California battle. But alas, Kaba Modern was robbed. Status Quo? Come on, people. I really don't think they belong in the finals. But anyhoo, that just my .02.

I loved the evolution of hip-hop. New Jack Swing! Whew. It took me back! I just hope that one of the chil'rens grows out to be a b-boy. It would make mama so very happy!


  1. I totatlly feel you. Kaba modern was totally robbed. My husband got me hooked on the show.

  2. I love that show.. I'm voting for the JabbaWockeez. They are so good. My dad actually got me hooked on the show. :) And, I so agree with you and the comment on the Dancing with the Stars. B O R I N G !! :)


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