Dia de los Muertos 2009

Yeh, I know.

Dia de los Muertos was, like, last month. But it still deserves a mention on my blog. You may not have realized, but brown folks everywhere were celebrating. There was alot of marigold-arranging, pan de muerto was baking, ofrendas were being built.

Growing up, we did not celebrate this holiday. But now I'm a mama and it made me feel warm inside to be able to share this aspect of our people. The chil'rens need to know. Celebrating your culture, the customs that have been handed down for hundreds of years, there is something very powerful and affirming in that.

So after some last minute face-painting, we packed up the chil'rens and headed to downtown Riverside for their annual Dia De Los Muertos festival. Earlier in the day, we contemplated traveling to L.A., to take part in the huge celebration that Self-Help Graphics throws. But the thought of traveling out to L.A. on a Monday night...meh. Why go all that way when there is plenty to do in your own hood?

My face was a work of art, courtesy of Michael.

The bride and groom, together in life and death. P/V

Josh and his friend, posing with an Aztec dancer.

The chil'rens, scoping out the altars. I was slightly concerned that they would try to jack some of the pan dulce.

I was so proud of Maya. She allowed us to paint her face and she didn't complain that it was ugly or scary.

It was cool to educate Josh's friend Lauren on Dia de los Muertos. She had never heard of it before and wanted to know what she was participating in.

Josh's face turned out really nice. His was a bit nontraditional.

He's so talented. The crazy ones always are. Heh.



  1. so stinkin' cool! i'd LOVE to have my face painted like that!

  2. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Hi I have a few questions about dia de los muertos. How do the children normally grieve and cope when they find out that someone has passed away? As compared to the United States? Do they grieve the same way and dia de los muertos just helps everyone cope and learn to be happy about death?



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