Our Toms Style Your Sole event

Back in January, my totally rad church hosted a Toms Style Your Sole Event. If you've never heard of Toms shoes, here are the goods: For every pair of shoes you buy, a pair is donated to someone in need. Such an amazing concept in our consumer-driven society.

Of course we wanted to be part of this event.

So, people were able to decorate their own shoe--a plain white pair. For a little extra, some local artists were available to create custom designs using spray paint, markers and acrylic paint...turning these shoes into mini works of art! At first, Michael was going to lend an artistic hand with the shoes while I took care of the chil'rens, who were running around on the jumper and enjoying the snacks supplied by the blood drive trailers. It's a tag team effort that we've gotten used to in our marriage. But little by little, I found myself edging closer and closer to the shoes and to the paint! Heh. Its like I couldn't help myself.

The paint and the shoes were calling my name!

Working on the shoes was sooo much fun. It did not seem like work at all, which can explain why we ended up with over ten boxes to paint in our studio. Some people were very open-minded, and just let us have fun with our own design concept. Other people were very specific, and we kinda got a kick at some of the requests. I managed to stay away from the boxes that wanted alot of script on them. Michael has great sign-painter skills, so he took those on. I kept getting requests for "henna designs". Now, we all have an idea of what henna designs look like, but at an event like this, there were no design sources to reference. Everything was off the top of the dome. Which was cool.

The shoes felt like we were painting on a tiny canvas, which is what they are made of--canvas! I really want to get myself a pair, so I can hook them up. At first, I balked at the price, thinking I could buy a sweet pair of Vans for less than the price of Toms. However, you can't pass up the idea of buying a cool, new pair of shoes for yourself and someone in need receiving a pair for free.

I'm a busy bee.

He's a busy bee.

Shoes I did for my sweet friend's daughter. I gave her a little bit of that special oomph. Cuz I loveded her.

See the love?

No fear.

Freehand drawing stars isn't as easy as it seems.

Love these floral designs. I'd rock 'em.

I dig these hippie-inspired Toms. The spray paint gave it a nice tie-dye effect.

The blue ones are masculine yet subtle. Nice.

I loved the way this pair came out. Pairing the floral motif with the geometric shapes was genius, if I do say so myself. :-)

Yeeeeeh booooooy. Now you know Mike had to represent with the graff style.

Watch out now.

Ahhh, Sharpies. My black Sharpies are like my babies. And no one messes with my babies.

Mike loves to paint in front of an audience. He's a real performance artist at heart.

I wasn't able to get a pic of the finished product, but this pair was one of my faves.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Can I get an Amen?

Loved working with all three mediums: acrylic paint, marker and spray paint.

If you're interested in buying a pair of Toms, check out our FAQ page. If you want me or Michael to hook up your shoes, send me an email at pearmama@gmail.com.

I'd love to work with you!


  1. What a killer idea!! I love what you guys did with the Toms...hmmm, I'll be emailing!

  2. I love all of them, especially the last pair!

  3. We. Love. Your. Toms.!!!

    You guys are awesome.

  4. I loved all of these... especially the black and white ones. :)

    1. Anonymous4:58 PM

      how can i buy them ?

  5. Hi there, I stop by your blog now & again, and I must say you are such and artistic, funny, entertaining blogger :) so I had to post for the first time to say, especially cause I love TOMS, that you did a fab job on your artwork! wow, especially love the "I can do all things through Christ"...just AWEsome!

  6. these are awesome, I love your artwork on them! I was wondering when they get wet does the sharpie smear?

  7. Hi Grace! Sharpies are permanent marker so no, they won't/don't smear. We used Sharpie for this event, but normally I used paint markers. Enamel paint in a marker which absolutely does not smear, and looks much more vibrant than Sharpie on shoes. Thanks for the love.

  8. Really love your artistry and creative ideas!


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