Day of the Dead Barbie: bride and groom

October is upon us. What does that mean? Dia de los Muertos is almost here!


I only have about 349857753495803 things left to do. On top of the other 4893570345737 things that I do on a daily basis. I'm hoping and praying that adrenalin will kick in and allow me to complete all the tasks I need to. That and a whoooole lot of caffeine.

As the month progresses, I'm planning on doing a little preview of what I'll be selling at my booth. For those of you who aren't here in Southern California, these items will be on my Etsy shop as well.

Note to self: Complete Etsy shop.


Until then, I thought I'd share a pic of the latest Day of the Dead Barbies we'll be selling on November 2nd.

Isn't this bride and groom just...bad ass? So cool and so much fun to create.

Until then, peace and love.

P.S  We're doing some changes to my spot here, so excuse the banner changes as we work on finding the one I like (what can I say, I'm really picky)


  1. francine9:50 PM

    wow, those turned out really rad!

  2. I know someone who would die to add those to her Day of the Dead collection. Off to share your link.


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