Why zombies have scarred me for life

Since its Halloween time, you cannot escape the endless ads for scary movies that run incessantly during October. If I see another Paranormal Activity 3 ad, I think I will gouge out my own eyeballs. Late at night seems to be the only time I watch TV, thanks to a mountainous pile of laundry and six chil'rens who control the remote.

That seems to be the exact time TV programmers decide to run scary movie previews. Whenever commercials for AMC's show, The Walking Dead come on, I duck and run for cover. Eeeeek.

I just posted about accidentally stumbling onto a zombie movie with my kids right there on Friday at Babycenter's MOMformation titled, Do you let your kids watch scary movies?

You see, I am not a big fan of horror movies. Especially zombie movies. Zombie movies just take me over the edge. I don't know what it is, but the thought of the human race decomposing or mutating and dying and coming back to life as a monster that wants to eat you just freaks me the hell out. The gray color of their skin. The blackened blood coming out of their mouths. The rotting teeth. The way they walk.



I blame my dad. When my little brother and I were five and six years old, he thought it would be fun rite of passage to let us watch Night of the Living Dead. It was so not fun.

Who does this?

To this day, the movie creeps me out, especially in the beginning when Johnny and Barbara are at the cemetery and you can see a zombie walking in the distance. The horror. It just makes me want to kick my legs like an egg-beater. Even though the movie itself is pretty cheesy and way less bloody and scary by today's zombie standards, it traumatized me quite thoroughly.

I would never let my five and six year old watch a movie like that. I wouldn't even let my teenager watch it! Even if they begged me. They wouldn't sleep for weeks. Believe me, I know. I don't care how old I am, I will always believe a zombie will rise from the ground, chase me down and feast on my brain.


Are you a fan of zombie movies?
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