Honored to be named one of Babble 100 Best Bloggers 2013

Last night a little birdie told me I was on Babble 100 Best Bloggers 2013 list this year. I rushed over to Babble and yes, I was chosen in the Latina category! I got the official email this morning and I've been feeling giddy ever since. What an honor to be chosen, to be listed among some of the most talented and fresh bloggers out there! I also love the fact that I'm standing alongside my fellow top Latina bloggers, such as Vanesssa from De Su Mama, Rachel from The Art Muse, Carol from Girl Gone Travel (and a fellow American Latino Expedition winner) and Melissa from Hungry Food Love.

I love what Babble Editor-in-Chief Catherine Connors @herbadmother, had to say about this list.

"...we hope to highlight budding talents, pay homage to our predecessors, and reflect our own evolution from “parenting website” to something broader and more inclusive and more representative of the fact that we don’t stop being interesting and complicated adult human beings when we become parents." 

It's a relief to know I can still have longevity on this blog even though my kids are growing up! When I started Pearmama dot com, my oldest child was nine and struggling to read on his own--now he's sixteen, rocking a six-pack, flowing curls and he likes to play guitar and write poetry.

I've had a great run on Pearmama dot com this year. I've gone to so many amazing events, I've traveled to places I never dreamed I would, I've worked with great brands, I've met the most amazing people and I've shared it all with you on this space.

Wow. It feels awesome to be recognized after I've worked and hustled my booty off all year.

It's such a delicate balance. Every time I say yes to campaign, an event or a travel opportunity, it means I have to leave my family behind and that is always hard for all of us. But they know mama is working hard for them and it's bringing growth to us all. Yes, we've had some serious struggles and growing pains along the way and I'm so happy that my husband hasn't left me (the day will come when I'll be able to fold all of the laundry, honey--your socks and chonies included).

I'm hoping and praying that 2014 will continue to bring great opportunities in my direction. Specifically, the chance to start writing and illustrating a children's book about Dia de los Muertos.

Eeek! I just put that out in the universe.

I'll continue blogging and sharing my life here. I'm not sure what 2014 holds but I'm excited to live it out here on my blog.

Here is a snippet of my feature on Babble 100:

Being Latina means … I am unique, I am brown and proud, and I come from a long line of warriors.

The best advice I’ve ever received: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

My most beloved Latin icon: Frida Kahlo.

What I love most about my culture: I love our creativity — using what is available and making things beautiful is a strength of Latino culture.

Thank you all for reading this blog--I couldn't have come this far without a great group of readers and your social media shares. Besos!


  1. This is awesome and I am so happy to celebrate you and all the talented featured. Gracias for being so sweet and strong at the same time, I admire that of you and is so fun to share a goal with you....I too want to write a children's book...have not shared it with the universe yet but I will cause I am declaring 2014 as mu year! Eek!

    1. Congrats to you, doll! Let's start writing! :-)


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